Comprehensive Support

DataAU support is like no other – we are with you every step of the way, assigning a dedicated support team member to you from day one to help you learn and get the most out of DataAU.

1. An Overview of DataAU

New to DataAU? Follow this walkthrough to learn the basics of the platform.

2. Working with Catchments in DataAU

Wondering what catchments you can use in DataAU? In this DataAU video, we help you with creating, saving and deleting your own custom data catchments. Creating catchments will allow you to improve your efficiency with time, whilst enhancing the analysis of your work.

3. Understanding Areas in DataAU

Want to analyse multiple catchments at once? Define and set up your own custom areas to enhance your analysis work!

4. Insights for Analysis

The in-depth insights delivered by DataAU is a game-changer, allowing you to visually benchmark your region's performance and improve your overall analysis, specifically in your work!

5. Downloading Data from DataAU

Learn how to access and download over 200 datasets and exclusive indicators from DataAU.

6. Generating Detailed Economic Reports

How does the DataAU report builder work and what's involved in setting them up? Follow along to see how to get the most out of this powerful DataAU feature that combines socio-economic indicators and visual insights into one central document for your organisation.

How our support team works

Dedicated DataAU support team member

Your personal on-boarding manager will assist you through every step of the process and any training needs to make sure you are setup to get the most out of DataAU from day one.

Register for webinars

Our support team host regular webinars to give practical examples and use cases to get the most out of DataAU. Register and attend, or watch the webinars at your leisure.

Online training and support tools

If ever in doubt, refer to our comprehensive database of training tools, videos and FAQs, 24 hours a day seven days a week.


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