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What is DataAU?

DataAU is a national data visualisation platform that has been developed by AEC Group leveraging our 30-year history of data management, analysis, and interpretation. It includes over 200 socio-economic and demographic datasets, exclusive indicators, modelling tools and graphically designed reports that effectively communicate information and insights. We developed DataAU to provide data interpretation, value, and insight for strategic community, economic development, and social infrastructure planning.

Data Insights

It is only when you can draw insight from data that it becomes truly useful. For this reason, we have built DataAU to contain a range of visualisation and interrogation tools that draw strategic insights. Users will have access to data for Local Government, State, Tourism, and Statistical Area geographies, which can be used to create customised groupings of regions for greater insight. Datasets and indicators have been categorised within our Economic, Liveability and People toolboxes – which leverage a range of graph and value types to provide immediate analysis to users. product-page.jpg

Data & Indicators

DataAU is backed by over 200 datasets and exclusive indicators, which can be accessed through the economic, liveability and social toolboxes, as well as the data cart. This data repository is constantly expanding, with current datasets updated within two weeks of release from the primary source, and new datasets added where relevant.

Visual Tools

Visual insight tools for economic, liveability and social datasets – leveraging a range of graph and value types to provide immediate analysis to users. These insights are interchangeable, allow for the analysis of up to three catchments at any one time, and can be tagged for download in the data cart.

Data Cart

The Data Cart allows users to export data tables from a single portal, based on selected geographies. The datasets selected will be downloaded as single excel files for each region, allowing for further analysis offline. These files also include necessary supporting information like descriptions, sourcing, metrics and dates of each dataset.

Comparative Analysis

Access to an exclusive range of comparative analysis tools with DataAU. The platform provides you with access to Australia’s only consistent national dataset, allowing users to compare and profile their region to any other in Australia. Through this process, our users can develop strategic insights and download data to make evidence-based decisions that support local communities.


National Data Access

DataAU provides access to all local government data for all of Australia. This exclusive functionality provides users with the ability to compare their region with the greater surrounds, state, and national averages, as well as areas of a similar size or economic structure to identify strengths and weaknesses in their community.

Custom Catchments

Custom catchments can be used with the interactive and user-friendly data map. The map provides users with access to Local Government, State, and Statistical Area geographies, which can be used to create customised groupings of regions. An unlimited number of custom catchments can be saved and reloaded for easy future use.

Analysis of Areas

Compare and analyse data for three custom catchments at any one time, comprised of any number of regions across Australia. These areas can be interrogated as visual insights in the Economic, Liveability and People Toolboxes, with Australia defaulted as a fourth area, whilst data for individual geographies in these areas can be downloaded from the data cart.

Your Region’s Custom Public Profile

Your Public Profile, hosted on DataAU, provides instant access to detailed socio-demographic, economic and tourism data with a difference. Headline statistics are available and comparable for all areas of Australia. Public-Profile.png


Publish headline statistics that provide viewers of your profile with a concise snapshot of the region. These headline measures are compared to state averages, highlighting the performance of your region.


Browse information that covers the economic performance, liveability measures and trends in your region’s community. Data can be viewed as graphs, as a table, or exported as an image to attach to documents or as a csv file for further interrogation offline.


Compare your region to any other in Australia on your public profile. View and compare your regional performance across the important headline statistics, as well as the more detailed data explorer.

Input-Output Model

Understand the number of jobs created by your project with our economic impact model. Using input-output modelling, shock either 1 or 114 sectors (individually and together) at the same time to determine direct and flow-on benefits. Outputs can then be downloaded in a report with interpretative text. The DataAU IO model, has been built from AEC’s internal IO model, which has developed over three decades of consulting and modelling experience.



The DataAU IO model allows you to shock either 19-sector ANZSIC or the 114-IO table sectors, individually and together, at the same time. This removes the need to run separate models and combine the results, saving you time and providing more accurate results.


Generate an economic impact assessment for your project, which will highlight the economic contribution delivered in terms of direct and flow-on impacts to your local community in terms of output, value added production, incomes paid to workers and jobs created.


Export your projects economic impact assessment straight to a word document to support any grant application or business case. This document includes technical explanations, supporting data and evidence, as well as clear graphs and tables that display the economic contribution of your project to the regional economy.

Grant Assistant

Understand the strengths for investment and the areas of need that require funding to improve in your region. The tool ranks all Australian local government areas and visually displays the results across a range of socio-economic, community and liveability indicators, providing organisations with the necessary information to support their grant application.



Leverage over 30 datasets and exclusive indicators to identify strengths in your region to attract investment in, or alternatively, the areas of need in your community that require grant funding to improve.


Compare a range of socio-economic, liveability and community datasets against state and national averages. This comparative analysis will allow you to understand how your region is performing and to demonstrate to stakeholders why an opportunity for investment exists or why grant funding should be given to address an area of need.


Customise and then export the data, graphs and explanations that best support your grant application. This export includes technical explanations and references, and leverages data to improve the quality of your application.

Report Builder

Generation of graphically designed automated reports. These reports leverage the most up-to-date datasets and enable users to customise the design of their documents with images, colours and text. The two primary reports are the:

  • 10-Page Economic Performance Report: Contains all socio-economic, tourism and liveability information relevant to your Local Government Area.
  • 1-Page Summary Report: Ranks your region within its state across 6 datasets, which can be selected from a possible 16 datasets.



Automated Reports that are graphically designed, leverage the most up-to-date data and enable users to customise their documents with uploaded logos, photos images, colours, and text.


Select the data and comparative regions within your state to understand how your region ranks. Up to three comparison areas can be selected per report, whilst 6 datasets can be selected from a possible range of 16 datasets.


Customise an easily-updateable report that highlights the socio-economic performance of your region. This report can be fitted with organisational logos, images and text, and provides a 10-page snapshot of the economic, social, tourism and liveability performance of your region.

Secure, online and up-to-date economic and socio-demographic data at your fingertips.

Supported by a team with three decades of data analysis and visualisation.