Comprehensive Support

DataAU support is like no other – we are with you every step of the way, assigning a dedicated support team member to you from day one to help you learn and get the most out of DataAU.

Volunteering in Regional Australia

Approximately 20.7% of Australians aged over 15 years indicate they undertake unpaid work for an organisation or group in Australia. Australians living in regional areas are far more likely to have volunteered than those located in metropolitan regions.

JobKeeper Reliance for Melbourne Businesses?

Which unessential businesses are impacted most by COVID lockdowns?

Central City District

Cultural diversity has potential to add to community well-being through the representation and embracement of different values, ethnicities and cultures and the appreciation of the range of views and strengths this can represent.

Who's at COVID risk in Sydney?

Which cohorts are at the greatest risk of contracting COVID-19 in Sydney and where are they located

Staying in School

In Australia, attendance at school is compulsory until year 10 or you have turned 17. Most Australians decide to remain in high school, with 56.8% of Australians (aged over 15 years) having completed their year 12 studies.

Declining Fertility

Until 2008 the majority of Australia’s population growth was driven by net natural increases (i.e. births minus deaths). Since 2008, net overseas migration has overtaken net natural increases as a component of population growth, contributing 61.4% of population growth in Australia in 2018.

How our support team works

Dedicated DataAU support team member

Your personal on-boarding manager will assist you through every step of the process and any training needs to make sure you are setup to get the most out of DataAU from day one.

Register for webinars

Our support team host regular webinars to give practical examples and use cases to get the most out of DataAU. Register and attend, or watch the webinars at your leisure.

Online training and support tools

If ever in doubt, refer to our comprehensive database of training tools, videos and FAQs, 24 hours a day seven days a week.


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