The greater Sydney region has an urban footprint of 2,037 square kilometres with an estimated 2020 population of 5,367,206.

Greater Sydney has a multicultural richness with nearly 37% of residents being overseas born.

The region’s topography is bountiful with natural assets such as the iconic Sydney Harbour, coastlines of beaches and the

heritage listed Blue Mountains. Greater Sydney is home to nationally significant institutional assets such as Port Botany, one of Australia’s largest container Ports and Sydney International Airport, Australia’s busiest airport.

The region has diverse economic strengths

including over 600 multinational companies that deliver their Asia-Pacific operations from Sydney. More than 80% of all foreign and Australian banks are headquartered in Sydney.

Gross Regional Product (GRP) is a measure of size or net wealth generated by the local economy. Changes in this figure over time can represent changes in employment, productivity or the types of industries in the area. Local Industry GRP shows the value of the local economy, generated by the local workers within the area regardless of where they live, after taxes and dividends leave the area. It is best thought of as GRP produced by local industries.

This indicator provides information on the distribution of employment across different occupations.

Registered business by industry shows how many businesses there are the Sydney Region within each industry sector.

This data set allows us to see which industries have the greatest impact of RDA Sydney's economy.

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