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The Central Coast region is located in the Centre of the fastest growing corridor in New South Wales between Sydney and Newcastle. The Central Coast, classed as a Metro Satellite due to its relative proximity to Sydney will become a major economic and population hub over the next two decades, attracting large numbers of families seeking new lifestyle and employment opportunities. The region has a skilled workforce and a diverse economy, with expertise in healthcare and social assistance, food, advanced manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and construction. The Central Coast has cost-effective access to key consumer markets and export opportunities, with well-serviced road and rail infrastructure as well as strategically located warehousing and freight. Overseas and domestic demand will also support growth in household food manufacturing brands and food production industries. The Central Coast’s convenient access to major markets makes it an ideal location for both business and industry.

The population estimate for Central Coast Council area as of the 30th June 2021 is 347,158. Central Coast Council is responsible for the sixth largest urban area in Australia. Our LGA is 1681 square kilometres, which makes us far bigger geographically than Canberra.

The Central Coast has a diverse economy supported by natural assets, local infrastructure, and our people. Key regional growth industries include Healthcare and Social Assistance, Construction, Advanced Manufacturing, Visitor Economy and Professional Services.

Employment by occupation place of usual residence. This variable describes the occupations in which employed people aged 15 years and over work.

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